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Becoming Customer-Centric Through the Power of MDM and Customer Intelligence

Informatica Blog - Wed, 06/19/2019 - 18:15
Master Data Management (MDM) is making a big impact in delivering real business value and allowing companies to unleash the power of their data across the enterprise. Because MDM solutions help business users to trust data across all systems in use, they can be applied to many data domains including customer intelligence (individual or organization), supplier, product, location, asset, and more. Master data typically consists of structured attributes that define an entity. For customer domains, ...
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Home Point Financial Disrupts Its Market with Snowflake and Informatica

Informatica Blog - Thu, 06/13/2019 - 18:15
Let me ask you a question. Can you disrupt a market with a legacy architecture? Of course not! To that point, Home Point Financial is disrupting its residential mortgage market, where the company aspires to become a leading provider. Home Point Financial realized that data is its most strategic asset and key to market dominance. Last week, at Snowflake Summit (#LetItSnow19), we shared Home Point Financial’s success story and how it turned to disruptive technologies to disrupt it...
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Three Friends at a Bar Talking Data

Informatica Blog - Wed, 06/12/2019 - 18:15
It’s 11:00 pm, and we find three friends—Data Geek, Dr. Know, and Cloud Ninja—sitting at a hotel bar, sipping their drinks. Their conversation goes as follows: Dr. Know: Data Geek, why do you look worried? You’re usually so cheerful and jovial.  Data Geek: You know me too well. I am enjoying the beer and the company, but I am going to be working all night to complete the monthly pipeline forecasting and actuals report. Dr. Know: What’s the big deal? You’re an Excel junkie, so...
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AI-Powered Privacy and Management for Petabyte-Packed Cloud Data Lakes

Informatica Blog - Wed, 06/12/2019 - 17:44
We now have data lakes with petabytes of data, being updated in real time with IoT, social, and mobile information. Then there are tens of thousands of users accessing the data across various lines of your business: finance, sales, marketing, service, procurement, research & development, manufacturing, logistics, and distribution. At this scale the only way you will keep up with discovering, preparing, managing, and governing the data is with AI-powered automation. (For more on the AI impera...
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Data Governance: From Risk Management to Business Value

Informatica Blog - Tue, 06/11/2019 - 18:15
You’ve heard the analogies: Data is the new oil, data is the new jet fuel, data is the new currency, etc. However, research by New Vantage Partners indicates less than one-third of organizations are data driven. To truly capitalize on the opportunity of being a data-driven business you must empower as many people as possible across the organization with data that is fit for their business use. This means data governance needs to shift from a risk management focus to a business value focus, and m...
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Enterprise AI/ML Needs Data Management. And Vice Versa.

Informatica Blog - Tue, 06/11/2019 - 18:15
Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are powering the digital transformations happening in every industry around the world. AI/ML is critical in discovering new therapies in life sciences, reducing fraud and risk in financial services, and delivering truly personalized customer experiences.  Enterprise AI/ML Needs Data Management The success of AI is dependent on the effectiveness of the models designed by data scientists to train and scale it. And the success of tho...
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Top 10 Things to Consider with Salesforce Data Integration

Informatica Blog - Mon, 06/10/2019 - 20:15
Data is the new business currency, and CRM data is arguably the most important dataset that companies are leveraging. At the head of the CRM pack is Salesforce. Its staggering 20% market share equals the next four vendors combined. Ultimately, CRM data can provide insights that can impact sales, customer satisfaction, and overall revenue. No wonder that companies are investing heavily in maximizing their CRM utilization. Furthermore, companies have realized that integrating the data siloed in mu...
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AI/ML Needs Data Management – Informatica and Databricks Deep Dive

Informatica Blog - Fri, 06/07/2019 - 18:15
With all the buzz and talk about AI /ML technologies, it can be hard to separate the hype from projects that actually deliver business value. At Informatica, we believe that the data landscape is growing so complex, you simply won’t be able to derive value from your data without AI and machine learning. But just for the sake of argument, let’s look at the reasons behind some claims that AI isn’t ready to deliver value: Data scientists spend 80% of their time in preparing data – and only 20% o...
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Operationalize Data Privacy

Informatica Blog - Fri, 06/07/2019 - 15:15
Today’s organizations need to mobilize governance, security, and data resources to tackle enterprise-wide data privacy initiatives. These ambitious initiatives—which can span thousands of data stores, people, and processes—cannot be achieved with traditional security and production models. Instead, enterprise-grade automation, powered with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), is required to provide the foundational infrastructure to access, protect, manage, and respond to priv...
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Active Metadata – What It Is and Why It Matters

Informatica Blog - Thu, 06/06/2019 - 18:15
For the past several years we have been subjected to various analogies invoked to convey the growth in data we are experiencing – from avalanche to tsunami, oddly all related to natural disasters. While we are getting jaded by these tropes, the underlying problem, however, is real. The data we have access to as part of our organizations is growing exponentially in volume and complexity, and the effort to harness it to propel digital transformation initiatives is increasing rapidly. But even at ...
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Data Governance: From Jumping the Shark to Growing the Beard

Informatica Blog - Thu, 06/06/2019 - 18:15
Many have heard the phrase “Jump the shark,” which refers to the moment when a TV series has passed its prime and starts to go downhill in quality – fast. Those of us old enough to remember the TV series Happy Days know this term refers to an episode where Fonzie jumps over a shark on water skis. For any millennials out there, try to imagine if Kit Harington from Game of Thrones – ummm – jumped over a dragon on water skis. Less known is the phrase “Growing the Beard,” which is meant to c...
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4 Ways AI Puts Rocket Fuel in Your Data Management

Informatica Blog - Tue, 06/04/2019 - 18:15
There is a story I’ve always liked related to the invention of chess. The reward the inventor requested from his emperor for coming up with this fascinating game was…grain. But he asked for it to be calculated in a unique way. He requested that one grain of rice be placed on the first square, then two on the second square, doubling each time until all 64 squares were covered. The emperor and his team realized the enormousness futility of the task before even counting out grains of rice for half ...
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5 Reasons to Make Time for the MDM 360 and Data Governance Summit

Informatica Blog - Thu, 05/30/2019 - 18:45
We know it can be hard to take a day away from the office, so a conference has to be really worthwhile to justify time out of your busy schedule. That’s why the headline promise of Informatica’s MDM 360 and Data Governance Summit is to “Transform customer experience with intelligent data.” We’ve been running this perennially well-attended event in the US for some time, which draws together a broad spectrum of the IT community—from developers and analyst...
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The CDO is tipping the gender scales in the boardroom

Informatica Blog - Wed, 05/29/2019 - 19:15
Did you know that the first computer programmer was a woman? This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but to most I think it does. In the mid-19th century, mathematician Ada Lovelace was the first to recognize that machines had applications beyond pure calculation and published the first algorithm. She is regarded as the first to identify the full potential of a “computing machine” and the first computer programmer. Look around any IT meeting at any organization and you’ll imme...
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The 3 Principles of DataOps to Operationalize Your Data Platform

Informatica Blog - Wed, 05/29/2019 - 18:15
It’s becoming clear that data-driven organizations are struggling to keep up with all their enterprise data and manage it to their strategic advantage.  Despite the vast amounts of data available to us, we still can’t provide cost-effective quality healthcare to the elderly, too many companies are not delivering great multi-channel customer experiences, and they can’t ensure data is governed and protected to comply with a myriad of global industry and data privacy regulations. Why aren’t...
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Top 10 Principles of an Intelligent Data Platform

Informatica Blog - Fri, 05/24/2019 - 04:18
As someone with many years of experience in product development, I can tell you it makes a difference when you have an overall vision to guide you. A few years ago, we introduced the Intelligent Data Platform (IDP), the industry’s most complete, modular, microservices-based architecture for data management. The idea is that you can evolve at your own pace, tackle your most pressing data challenges according to your own priorities, and be assured that ...
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What Is System Thinking for Data (And Why Is It So Important)?

Informatica Blog - Wed, 05/22/2019 - 03:27
In my role, I travel all over the globe meeting with people who are trying to turn their data to strategic advantage. They know that we’re facing a generational disruption in the market, and they want to thrive in the age of Data 3.0, where data truly powers digital transformation. But harnessing data effectively is challenging. Fortunately, there’s an answer. We call this System Thinking for data – and it represents an end-to-end, enterprise-wide vision for how data, applications, processes, an...
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The Missing Link to AI-Driven Customer Intelligence: The Human Expert

Informatica Blog - Tue, 05/14/2019 - 18:15
“Computers are taking over the world!” This may have been a common phrase heard 20 years ago, or yesterday depending on what you read or who you talk to. And that might just be the case, however there is still a key humanistic component to every automated system and algorithm. Knowledge. Computers don’t get smart on their own. They need to be spoon fed data and be trained so they can make the best decisions and repeat the same action over and over. Where computers differ from humans i...
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A Preview of Main Stage Speakers at Informatica World 2019

Informatica Blog - Wed, 05/08/2019 - 19:00
We’ll be hosting our 20th Informatica World from Monday, May 20 to Thursday, May 23 at The Venetian in Las Vegas and it promises to be the biggest Informatica World ever. This year’s event is on track to be one of the most inspirational, informative and practical events you attend this year. The key to the ongoing success and popularity of Informatica World has always been our focus on bringing in the best and the brightest across the data management industry to share a variety of vision...
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Getting Started with AI and ML: #1: Getting the Data!

Informatica Blog - Tue, 05/07/2019 - 18:15
Every day after waking up I constantly hear about the promises and benefits of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. I hear about the promises of Self-Driving Cars, folks asking KITT to recommend songs for the day, the list goes on and on. So, I think, you know what would be fantastic is If I could somehow predict the outcomes of sporting events using Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial intelligence (AI). How cool would it be if every year I could be the person who wins the March ma...
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