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The Gendarmerie Nationale uses data to strengthen French national security

Talend Blog - Wed, 07/24/2019 - 14:00
In 2010, the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) named France the 2016 host of the European Championship. Paris was also set to host the UN Climate Change Conference, COP 21, in late 2015, another major international event with high-stake security issues. How to make sure dangerous individuals would not have access to very sensitive areas?   Two deadly terrorist attacks in 2015 and 2016 pushed the French Ministry of Interior to further strengthen its authority over the automated proce...
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Ingesting data from AWS s3 to Snowflake using Stitch

Talend Blog - Tue, 07/23/2019 - 14:00
Stitch is a very simple yet very powerful cloud service which connects to a diversity of data sources. It is a very user-friendly ingestion system and works in a very simple format. Stitch connects to the data sources, pulls the data and loads the data to a target. In this blog, I am going to connect to Amazon S3, read a file and load the data to Snowflake but first let’s understand few concepts of Stitch. For Stitch to work you need an Integration and a Destination. An Integration is your data...
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What You Need to Know about Microsoft’s New Multi-Protocol Access and Interoperability for Azure Blob and ADLS Gen2

Informatica Blog - Thu, 07/18/2019 - 19:15
Ever since Microsoft introduced Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 (ADLS Gen2), enterprises around the globe have been adopting it to drive their data lake and modern analytics initiatives. As ADLS Gen2 adoption has gained momentum, there has been a very active and healthy discussion about interoperability between Azure Blob and ADLS Gen2. If you check out support forums, you’ll see lots of rumors about forthcoming interoperability from Microsoft. Well, the cat is out of the bag as they say, and now M...
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How to bulk load Snowflake tables using Talend Cloud Platform

Talend Blog - Thu, 07/18/2019 - 14:00
Talend Cloud is an Integration platform as a service (iPaaS) offering by Talend. It is a fully managed cloud option which has the capabilities of data integration, data stewardship, data preparation, API designer and Tester and Pipeline designer. These tools can be used for lightweight ETL and detecting the schema on the fly. One of the unique features of Talend Cloud is it provides both on premise and cloud execution environments. Remote engines can be installed behind the firewall, which allow...
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Microsoft Azure & Talend : 3 Real-World Architectures

Talend Blog - Wed, 07/17/2019 - 14:00
We know that data is a key driver of success in today data-driven world. In fact, according to Forrester, data and insight-driven businesses are growing at an average of more than 30% annually.  However, becoming a data driven organization is not easy.  Companies often struggle with speed in accessing and analyzing their data, as well with ensuring delivery of trustworthy data that is free of critical errors.  Legacy ETL solutions, siloed data, cumbersome governance processes, are just a few of ...
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The first Pay-as-You-Go design environment for accelerating integration projects

Talend Blog - Tue, 07/16/2019 - 14:00
The integration landscape is changing. According to Gartner, “Two-thirds of all business leaders believe that their companies must pick up the pace of digital transformation to remain competitive.” One of the byproducts of this increasing pace is the desire to get results quickly. In a cloud-first world, that means expectations are changing for how products are trialed, procured, and billed. People expect things to be simpler, faster, and more intuitive. Despite this fervor, enterprises are wear...
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Why CMOs Should Care About Data

Informatica Blog - Tue, 07/16/2019 - 08:00
Digital transformation has presented a needed shift in the role of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Although the CMO has always been responsible for driving market growth, differentiation and bottom-line revenue, leading CMOs are now more than ever hyper-focused on creating exceptional customer experiences across all channels. Key responsibilities for CMOs include: Executing marketing strategy and campaigns to drive customer adoption and salesGenerating demand for products, goods...
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Create the Optimal Healthcare Provider Network Designed for Quality Outcomes

Informatica Blog - Mon, 07/15/2019 - 05:30
To Build a Better Provider Network, Start with Better Data About Your Providers There are a lot of reasons healthcare payers want to build optimal provider networks. An optimal provider network is smarter: it lets payers synthesize data from many different systems, including recruiting, credentialing, claims, reimbursements, utilization, quality, fraud detection, and more. With an optimal provider network, health plans are more competitive in a marketplace driven by changing consumer choi...
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Why Is Connectivity Foundational for a Data Platform?

Informatica Blog - Thu, 07/11/2019 - 23:05
“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.” – Revelation 22:13 If you take any data processing pipeline – be it for data integration, data quality, data matching and mastering, data security, data masking or a B2B data exchange pipeline – data is read from somewhere and written somewhere for further consumption. All data processing pipelines start and end with connectivity. In addition to reading and writing data, there is a need for mid-stream...
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Understanding what Machine Learning is and what it can do

Talend Blog - Thu, 07/11/2019 - 14:00
As machine learning continues to address common use cases it is crucial to consider what it takes to operationalize your data into a practical, maintainable solution. This is particularly important in order to predict customer behavior more accurately, make more relevant product recommendations, personalize a treatment, or improve the accuracy of research. In this blog, we will attempt to understand the meaning of Machine Learning, what it takes for it to work and which are the best machine lear...
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Building Your Federal Data Strategy

Informatica Blog - Wed, 07/10/2019 - 17:41
So, it’s here! The US Office of Management and Budget published the Federal Data Strategy on June 4, 2019 and simultaneously issued a draft implementation plan for public comment and feedback. That followed the January 14, 2019 OPEN Government Data Act, enacted as part of the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policy Making law. Arguably, key portions of the law support execution of the strategy and most importantly provide a basis for resource allocation, especially for budgeting purposes...
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Modern Data Architecture with Delta Lake Using Talend

Talend Blog - Wed, 07/10/2019 - 14:00
Ranjith Ramachandran is a senior Big Data and Talend Consultant at Wavicle Data Solutions.    Data lakes: smooth sailing or choppy waters? In May, Talend announced its support for Databricks’ open source Delta Lake, “a storage layer that sits on top of data lakes to ensure reliable data sources for machine learning and other data science-driven pursuits.” What does this mean for your company, and is Delta Lake right for you? Since data lakes came into existence nearly a decade ago, they hav...
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6 Awesome Benefits You Gain by Using an Integration Hub

Informatica Blog - Tue, 07/09/2019 - 18:23
It seems that only a couple of years ago data integration architecture was simple. If you wanted to move data from one place to another, you simply used a manually triggered ETL process, and that was it. These days, however, most enterprises and organizations are going through a digital transformation – which requires a different approach. To reap the benefits of their data assets, organizations need to connect hundreds of data sources and targets – on premises and in the cloud – in different fr...
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One Year After GDPR: Three Common Mistakes Businesses Still Make

Talend Blog - Tue, 07/09/2019 - 14:00
May 25, 2019 marked the one-year anniversary of the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into full effect. This milestone serves as a timely reminder for any business in the EU or doing business with EU residents on both the implications of failing to protect data and the procedures needed to prevent this from happening. Here are the three common misconceptions that businesses – big and small – still have about the GDPR: 1) Data Subject Access Rights is many com...
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Outra – Increasing value and predictability of big data

Talend Blog - Wed, 07/03/2019 - 02:00
Outra is a UK predictive data science business that helps companies increase the power and precision of data through a modern, science-led approach which delivers actionable insight at speed.   Many of Outra’s clients have either limited or no data science capabilities in house. Outra matches its proprietary property data with client’s customer data and any relevant third-party data. Then by applying deep learning, they create segmentations to help their clients make smarter, faster decisions, a...
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Taking Your iPaaS Past First Gear – Supercharging Your Cloud Data Management Capabilities

Informatica Blog - Tue, 07/02/2019 - 18:15
At this year’s Informatica World, a few notable themes stood out: Cloud continues to drive tremendous change in business processes and operations, complexity reduction is a critical goal for enterprise executives, and the intelligent, AI-driven enterprise is becoming reality. Data is the core component that these themes have in common. However, the truth is that enterprises are still struggling to properly control and harness the enormous amount of data assets they possess. This has given bi...
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Using the Spark Machine Learning Library in Talend Components

Talend Blog - Tue, 07/02/2019 - 14:00
Talend provides a family of Machine Learning components which are available in the Palette of the Talend Studio if you have subscribed to any Talend Platform product with Big Data or Talend Data Fabric.   These components provide a whole bunch of tools and technologies to help integrate Machine Learning concepts for your use cases. These out of the box components can perform various Machine Learning techniques such as Classification, Clustering, Recommendation and Regression. They leverage Spark...
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Big Data Governance: 4 Steps to Scaling an Enterprise Data Governance Program

Informatica Blog - Mon, 07/01/2019 - 18:15
Big Data projects demand a big data governance strategy. You need to unite disconnected teams, shatter data silos, and integrate all manner of applications and systems. This is a world away from traditional data governance projects, which can often be highly focused, initiatives. The challenge is bridging this gap. Just how do you turn a small-scale data governance pilot into a long-term, enterprise-wide big data governance program? Enterprise data governance programs that...
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Standing Out in the Insurance Market: National Interstate Insurance

Informatica Blog - Thu, 06/27/2019 - 19:45
For a recent college grad hearing the word “insurance”, a few thoughts come to mind: “What are the odds I’ll even need to use it??”, “Holy cow this is expensive!” and “Do you think I can risk it and go without it…?” Simply put – there’s a dreaded, but necessary reality of having insurance on practically anything in our lives that has value. On the flip side, insurance companies have a responsibility to convince consumers why their services are more convenient, cost effective, or reliable than th...
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The Need for Strong Federal Data Privacy Legislation

Informatica Blog - Thu, 06/27/2019 - 19:03
Consumers in the United States have finally begun to pay attention to the privacy of their data. The spring of 2018, which saw the Cambridge Analytica scandal break and Mark Zuckerberg testify before the U.S. Congress, seems to have been a tipping point. Data Privacy advocates and ordinary consumers alike compared laws in the U.S. to Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which also went into force spring 2018, and concluded that Americans needed much stronger protections for the pr...
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