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Higher Education Needs Data-Driven Contact Tracing to Reopen

Informatica Blog - Fri, 06/12/2020 - 20:19
The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the lives of higher education students, faculty, and staff that depend upon these colleges and universities. While many of these schools have demonstrated resilience and innovation by embracing distance learning, guidance, and support for their students, the financial viability of these schools will remain at risk if they can’t clear the path for everybody to return to campus as soon as possible. This can happen only if a comprehensive plan is in place to ensu...
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Healthcare Consent Management Demands Newfound Respect for the Checkbox

Informatica Blog - Thu, 06/11/2020 - 19:17
We are all familiar with the endless and repetitive paperwork required at each doctor’s office visit. We complete them as quickly as possible and check the boxes with often just a brief scan. However, those little check boxes on the forms are about to play a much bigger role in how payer and provider organizations, along with commercial businesses, interact with our healthcare data. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information...
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Talend Named a Leader in the Enterprise Data Fabric, Q2 2020 Forrester WaveTM

Talend Blog - Thu, 06/11/2020 - 03:34
We are happy to announce Talend is a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Data Fabric, Q2 2020.  Talend’s unified approach to data management – combining data integration, integrity, and governance in a single platform – is the best way to gain clarity and confidence in your data.  Since we launched Talend Data Fabric in 2015, we’ve been strong believers that data integration and management could not be solved with a static, siloed enterprise software solution. Companies and data users need...
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Why the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 Is Important to Companies Today

Informatica Blog - Wed, 06/10/2020 - 20:42
Over the last 30 years the evolution of consumer protection and data privacy regulations have required organizations to dramatically transform their approach to customer data management.  While most professionals are somewhat familiar with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) due to their more recent public passage and outward-facing impacts to digital storefronts, a surprisingly large number are not as aware of some of the more longsta...
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The Benefits of Modernizing Your Student Information System

Informatica Blog - Tue, 06/09/2020 - 22:01
Higher education institutions’ many challenges revolve around the need to have good data. During the recruiting process, having access to high-quality data enables organizations to more accurately target prospective students, resulting in better fulfillment of matriculation goals. And once a student is accepted, being able to trust the data in the student information system (SIS) is critical to proper oversight and communication. After students graduate, good data fuels outreach efforts to a...
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eCommerce: Increasing Agility and Efficiency with Product Information Management

Informatica Blog - Mon, 06/08/2020 - 21:00
The COVID-19 crisis continues to accelerate the existing global shift towards eCommerce. In April 2020, the general retail sector experienced a 209% growth compared to the same period last year, according to an analysis by ACI Worldwide. Companies in most industries that previously had considered digital only as a complementary channel to their brick and mortar locations are now realizing that digital has now become their primary channel, and that they now must quickly adapt their com...
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Building on an Agile Data Governance Framework

Informatica Blog - Fri, 06/05/2020 - 20:18
Where to begin? Governance is far more than just keeping a good glossary of business terms up to date. In fact, governance should bring together all sorts of different data assets and perspectives. From glossary and data inventories, to processes and policies and organizational views, there is a whole lot to think about. There will inevitably be competing priorities when any company first embarks on their data governance journey. Different teams will want different things docum...
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The Business Value of Data Governance: Describing “What’s in It for Me?”

Informatica Blog - Thu, 06/04/2020 - 21:50
“What’s in it for me?” As a CDO, that’s the key question you need to answer when building out your data governance strategy. In my work with customers, everyone from C-level executives to data practitioners describes a new charter within data governance. While controlling risk and overseeing compliance are still priorities, CDOs are now also tasked with driving business value by providing quick and easy access to high-quality data and accelerating decision-making. In order to get buy-in to y...
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2020 CLAIREview Intelligent Data Summit for Cloud Data Warehouses, Data Lakes, and Data Lakehouses

Informatica Blog - Wed, 06/03/2020 - 17:33
Many of us are working from home these days, some of us for the first time in our careers. Even seasoned working-from-home professionals like myself feel like we are cast members on a “Working from Home Extreme Edition” reality show. The experience can be challenging in and of itself; adding in children, roommates, siblings, spouses, and nowhere to go make working from home extremely challenging. Nevertheless, we are all quickly adapting to virtual ways of learning from industry experts, innovat...
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Getting Ready for Data 4.0? Take the First Step with Cloud-Native Data Management

Informatica Blog - Tue, 06/02/2020 - 17:00
We’ve been on an exponential path with data over the last decade. Data 1.0 was when we used data to drive specific business applications. Data 2.0 was the aggregation of data to support enterprise-wide business processes. And in Data 3.0, we used data to power our digital transformation journeys. Today, with increasing demands and the growing strategic nature of data, we are now entering the world of Data 4.0. Businesses embarking on Data 4.0 are hyper focused on cloud-native and metadata...
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Binge-Watch CLAIREview for Industry Perspectives on Intelligent Data Cataloging and Metadata Management

Informatica Blog - Tue, 06/02/2020 - 02:14
Over the last few years, the phrase “Data drives all business transformation” has been ubiquitous and probably over-used in different contexts (I plead guilty to that charge as a data and analytics professional). But as we all collectively grapple with personal and professional challenges in the interesting times we are living in now, the importance of data and the need to understand what it means has been driven home powerfully on a daily basis. At a personal level, every day when I catch up...
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Informatica’s Intelligent Data Platform Is Blockchain Glue – Delivering Interoperability at Scale!

Informatica Blog - Fri, 05/29/2020 - 18:50
Co-authored with Arsalan Sheikh, Cloud Integration Sales Specialist. The following story is a fictional account to illustrate issues faced by typical executives. The names of people and companies are made up, but the challenges are real. Lando Jacobs looked out the window from his office on the 32nd floor at the towering skyline of the business districts. He needed a moment to clear his head after the heated update from the project management and technical leads on his flagship bl...
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