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Thought-provoking analyses and commentary on the changing role of data
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Dreamforce To-Do List: Find Coffee, Transform Customer Experience

Wed, 09/12/2018 - 19:15
The customer is and has always been the king. Many companies have realized this and have been increasingly focused on improving customer experience. So where to start? Today’s customers have many different pathways by which to interact with a company, including through their sales contacts, customer service, partners, or even through Internet self-service. Having multiple touchpoints means that companies have many chances to get it right… or wrong. To deliver a great customer experience, you hav...
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An Education in Managing Data

Tue, 09/04/2018 - 19:15
I’ve been at Informatica for nearly four years. Even in that relatively short time, it amazes me how quickly data has become much more strategic to companies. The entire industry is much more sophisticated. And during my time here, I’ve picked up a lot about the “hows” of strategically managing data. In honor of my soon-to-be anniversary—and the many different ways data is helping companies everywhere—I wanted to share what I’ve learned through my experiences as a member of the Informatica Maste...
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Update Your LinkedIn: You’re a Customer Experience Steward

Wed, 08/29/2018 - 19:15
Customer-centric sales and marketing. Customer success. Customer engagement. Customer Journey mapping. Personalized marketing. Customer intimacy. Sentiment analysis. 360-degree view of customer. I’d expect that most if not all of these terms are quite familiar, and most of you are either involved in – or at least aware of – data-centric programs within your organizations with the goal of delivering and optimizing one or more of these outcomes or processes. And these programs today are rarely sim...
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A New Dimension for Data Security Intelligence: Identity

Tue, 08/28/2018 - 15:45
Most organizations should leverage intelligent data security as a foundation for a systemic data privacy and protection program. Many market forces drive this need, including the chronic barrage of data losses, the enactment of powerful privacy regulations, consumers demanding the protection and control of their data, and the broad use of personal data to drive analytics. Today’s AI-driven data security solutions, offer the capabilities to access personal and sensitive data across the enterprise...
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My Top 10 Favorite New Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (iPaaS) Summer Release Features

Tue, 08/28/2018 - 15:30
Informatica and our customers share a common vision of an iPaaS (integration platform as a service) that can support any integration pattern, any user, and any type of data. For example, Grant Thornton, one of the leading organizations providing assurance, tax and advisory services, is building out an iPaaS that is flexible, scalable, and agile enough to support a changing business landscape as they look to introduce new products and services that improve customer experience. Integration is one ...
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